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October 04, 20221 min read

Email Builder has received two big upgrades:

1. Import from ActiveCampaign

2. Advance Condition for Smart Lists & Tags


😇 You can now import Email Templates from Active Campaign!

1. Go to Emails > Email Templates

2. Click on "Create New Template" and select "Import Template".

3. Follow the Instructions on how to get the URL from Active Campaign

For ActiveCampaign Campaign Templates:

  • Go to ActiveCampaign > Campaign Templates

  • Hover the Template, you would like to import

  • Click the setting icon > click on Share and copy the campaign URL

For ActiveCampaign Email Campaign Templates:

  • Create a campaign, click the dropdown action button of Continue to Save as Template.



🛠 2. Advance Condition for Smart List/Tags

When scheduling Email campaigns to send to a Smart List or a group of Tagged contacts in the future, you now have the option to either freeze that list/tag group so the campaign only goes out to the list as it exists today OR you can choose to include anyone added to the Smart List/Tagged Group between the day you schedule and the send date.

1. Create New Campaign

2. Create the content for Campaign

3. Click Send and Schedule, go to select the recipient tab

4. Select the option of Smart List or Tags

Advance Condition are meant to add new contacts linked to Smart List which were created between send time of campaign.


This will only work for Schedule, Batch and RSS Email Campaigns.


Marc Dozois

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